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The biggest challenge in composing any random essay is to decide on the topic. In fact, teachers usually give the theme, but from time to time students have to come up with their ideas. Basically, there are no rules for selecting a topic for your research paper writing assignment. However, there are some basic principles such as:

  • Picking the topic which you are well aware of
  • Making sure there are enough sources to conduct an in-depth research
  • Ensuring the topic is relevant or recently discussed
  • Finding related studies on the given theme
  • Choosing the topic of your interest
  • Selecting the topic connected with your subject

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According to experts, two search requests are highly popular on the web: “Help me choose my topic” and “Write my research paper.” You can easily comply with the first one for free by simply visiting research paper sites that contain a huge collection of essay samples and find those themes that relate to your discipline. It’s just important to keep in mind that the title name should not exceed 70 characters.

Students who don’t have a right to select the topic experience more difficulties with writing content on the assigned theme. The main reason is that they lack knowledge of the subject or paper format and it’s much easier for them to insert a query “Write a paper for me” in the Google or Yahoo search field… Some of them get proper help if they use search engines wisely.

Anyway, when you’re just starting to write a research paper, you should better focus on the main topic instead of learning something new. And we strongly advise ordering custom research paper help from the very beginning if your goal is to achieve the best results.


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At the beginning of this article we have promised you that you’ll get some hints. Our database includes a lot of essay samples that can be used for free. Take a look at some of the most impressive research paper topics:

  • Are smartphones harmful to human health?
  • Should homosexuality be welcomed in a civilized society?
  • Advertising: information v. manipulation.
  • Is e-commerce ethical?
  • What are the alternatives to animal testing?
  • How can developing countries speed up their growth?
  • Who is to blame for the global financial crisis?
  • Is China a new superpower?

As you have probably noticed, all cool topics chosen for paper writing are rather debatable and hot. Students should think like journalists when working on their essays. They must know how to catch the reader’s eye.

Other possible topics are listed below for your convenience:

  • Should students get paid during their education?
  • Are social networks positive or negative communication tools?
  • Does the Internet need more censorship?

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