Todd Russell Platts of Pennyslavania Political Ess

Todd Russell Platts of Pennyslavania


Early life and career

Todd was born on March 5th 1962 in York, Pennsylvania. He is married with two kids. He attended York Suburn senior high school where he graduated in 1980. After high school, Todd continued with his education locally where he attended Shippenburg university of Pennsylvania. He then graduated with a bachelors of science in public administration in 1984. Afterwards, Todd earned a Juris doctor degree at Pepperdine School of law in 1991.

His line of education was well defined since he finished his high school education. He was destined to be in the political limelight. In November 1992, he got elected for the first time in office where he represented the 196thlegislative district in the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania. He took this position after the retirement of Ruth Harper. In 1995, Todd was a candidate in the York county commission. He continued working as a representative in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives until the year 2000.

Todd’s career life tended to move fast with bias in the judicial side of the public service. He served in this position for a successful period of eight years where his performance was excellent.

Congressional career

In the year 2000, Todd was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Republican primary was crowded, hence, the narrow win against his fellow competitors. In the general elections against the Democratic nominee professor Jeff Sanders, he won it easily replacing Congressman, William Goodling. William Goodling had chosen not to run for the re-election that year. This success marked history in Todd’s career life for living up to his dream job that he had dreamt for since he was 14 years old.

Todd worked mostly in the regime of President George Bush, where he supported most of Bush initiatives. These initiatives included tax cuts, the opposition of same-sex marriage, the Iraq war, social security privatization, and drug plan for Medicare prescription. However, any version of President Bush’s school voucher proposal was opposed by Todd. On the other side, Todd supported offshore drilling of oil, supported the increase of government regulated efficiency in fuel standards mainly for the automobiles, and he further did vote for the Matthew Shepard Act, a bill that prevented hate crimes. Besides, he was in support of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance legislation.

Todd is described as having a moderate voting record by the National Journal on Political Indexing. The journal further gave Todd ratings that were "conservative”. The ratings were 65 percent on social issues, 53 percent on economy, and 73 percent on foreign policy. These ratings were done in the 2004 congress. This congressman supported the stem-cell research and has membership in the Republican Main Street Partnership. At a point in his career he was viewed to be pro-choice but later he changed to pro-life and since then he seems to have maintained this stand.

Todds’ pro-life characteristics include support for consistently voting against bail-outs on the financial industry. He also voted against the economic stimulus legislation, the Budget Resolution of the 2010 fiscal year, and the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009 fiscal year.

Despite facing opposition in the Republican primary elections in 2002 or 2004 elections, Platts ran without opposition from the Democratic Party. In the 2006 election, Platts faced the York college professor, Derf Matland who was in the Green Party and Vietnam Veteran Phil Avillo Jr, the democratic nominee. He won with 64 percent of the vote and 3 percent went to Maitland while Avillo recieved 33 percent.

The 2008 election was a faceoff between Todds and Avillo. However, this election enabled Todd to become the Republican who was most successful electorally in the Northeast. Todd had different views and stands on political issues. In a nutshell, we could break down as follows;

  1. Budget and Economy

The topic on budget and economy was important to Todd, hence, for example, he did vote for the Home Affordable mortgage program termination. On the issue of modification of bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage foreclosure, he voted NO for it.

On the sixty billion stimulus package for infrastructure, energy and jobs he opposed it. He also voted YES for the severely distressed public housing revitalization. He further voted NO on 2008 15 billion bailout for the Chrysler and GM. Further more, on the issue of monitoring TARP fund to ensure more mortgage relief Platts voted NO.

However, Platts spearheaded implementation of other key issues like, for example, he proposed the balancing of the budget amendment, hence, he balanced the amendment of the budget with 3 out of 4 votes to override. This was on January 2009.


Todd also did establish a usury limit of 16 percent for credit cards of consumers. We discover the pro-life characteristic in Platt’s career through these different ideologies.

  1. Civil Rights

On March 2001, Todd supported the anti-flag desecration amendment. He further limited the interstate class-action lawsuits to the federal courts. On the other side, this congressman voted YES on the prohibition of job description based on the sexual orientation. This was in November 2007. On the issue of making the PATRIOT Act permanent, he voted YES for it. He also voted YES on the protection of the pledge of Allegiance. Though these issues were sensitive and crucial, Todd tended to play his cards very professionally.

  1. Crime and Security

Todd was clear on this issue of crime and security. Firstly, he voted for the enforcement of anti-gay hate crimes, though he did not support the gay and lesbianism behavior. Todd supported the requirement of DNA testing for all the federal executions on March 2001. He further was pro facilitation of recovering crime victim restitution fees on April 2011. He also promoted the reduction of recidivism by giving offering second chance to offenders. In summary, Platts was successful in the implementation of issues that enable the facilitation on safety and crime eradication.

  1. Education

The issue about education was very valuable to Todd, in a nutshell, Platts voted YES on the reauthorization of the DC opportunity scholarship program on March 2011. On May 2009 he voted YES on the 40 billion dollars for green public schools. He however voted NO on the issue of allowing courts the decision on "God” in pledge of Allegiance. On the other side of education, Todd voted YES on allowing prayers in schools during the War on Terrorism. The issue of requiring states to test students was also supported by Todd. This congressman did make a difference in the betterment of the education sector.

  1. Energy and Oil

On August 2001 when Todd still new in his new office, he voted YES on raising of CAFÉ standards and incentives for alternative fuels. In the same year, Todd voted NO on the prohibition of oil drilling and development in the ANWR l. In 2003 Todd supported the implementation of Bush-Cheney’s national energy policy. In that same mood he voted YES on the issue of scheduling the permitting for new oil refineries. He also supported the removal of oil and gas exploration subsidies. Furthermore he supported the criminalization of oil cartels like the OPEC. In 2009, this congressman voted NO on enforcing limits on the carbondioxide global warming. Two years later Todd voted YES on the issue of barring the EPA from regulation of the greenhouse gases. Finally in May 2011, Todd supported the motion of opening the Outer Continental Shelf to oil drilling. He seemed to be more proactive in this sector since he participated keenly in the processes that involved energy and oil.

  1. Foreign Policy

Foreign policy was a fragile and sensitive issue to Todd. Earlier in July 2001, Todd voted YES on the issue of keeping Cuba travel ban until the release of political prisoners. During the same year he supported the bill on withholding 244 million dollars in United Nation Back Payments until the restoration of US seat. Four years later, when Todd had mastered his job, he supported the bill on reforming of the United Nation through the restriction of US funding. On September the year 2008, Todd voted YES on the bill on cooperation with India as nuclear power country. Lately in March 2010 he pledged his commitment to the unbreakable Israel-US bond. Todd decisions on foreign policy were non partisan hence no controversy ever arose.

vii. Jobs

On October 2004, Todd voted NO on the issue of ending offshore tax havens and promotion of small business. Earlier in March 2001, he had voted YES on zero funding of OSHA’s Ergonomics Rules instead of 4.5 billion dollars. He also proposed allowing of an Air Traffic Controller’s Union in Jan 2006. After being rated by the CEI, Platts was rated 83 percent giving the indication of a mixed record on Big Labor. This rating was done on May 2012. On the other side of Todd’s congressional life, we find out that his duties were exercised with the uttermost professionalism. However Todd Platts earlier in 2012 January that would retire though the mood was that he would seek a seventh term.

He will be remembered for advocating for the ethics reforms in government and campaigns. He has long refused accepting the political action committee contributions and relying on volunteers of campaigns from extensive grassroots networks of families and supporters. He will also be remembered as one of the congressmen who travelled repeatedly to Afghanistan and Iraq, and in March the year 2009 he did announced his support for President Barack Obama’s plan on the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. He was the chair of the congressional task force on traumatic brain injuries. It recommended the improvements to research, more help for injuries soldier’s families and better access to care.

He will also be known for seeking an aisle seat during the presidential speeches to the congress. He is always caught on camera shaking hands with the president after and before state union address and other similar events.

This congressman has always supported term-limits, and so, ironically he has to impose one on himself. He tends to value his family a lot and for that matter he promises to spend much time with his family. Now that he is retiring his day rides might be reduced hence spending more time at home.

His reputation was further boosted as being an incorruptible politician. This is due to the fact that he did refuse special interest money from committees. He said that it was sad to leave office, but he didn’t actually express the regret. Furthermore he informed his people that though he voluntarily agreed to retire, it was not an easy decision to make as it seems. This was because of the fact that he loved what he did and he did it for the betterment of the society.

In his office he does keep art work, class projects and family photos that cover shelves and decorate walls. He says in one of the interviews that he does not take pictures down, but he keeps adding more.

Being a family man makes him talk about his family more often. He reveals that he gets his energy from his 79 year old mother Barbara always nicknamed as "Babs”. The family memorabilia also helps him with constituents who normaly came for visits.

Platts has generally voted with his party at 88 percent of the time, this is according to a Washington Post database. Though, he was one of the 10 Republicans in March who voted against U.S Rep. Paul Ryan’s 3.5 trillion dollar budget in the house.


Todd brought his own pending departure in a less sentimental way. This happened when he was describing how unacceptable it was that the 11 main entities that receive contracts haven’t faced a competitive bidding process in about 30 years.

The man replacing Platts is the same age as he is. He is Scott Perry who is a Republican state representative from Carroll Township.

Committee assignments

Platts had various assignments of different committees as follows;

  1. Committee on Armed Services. This particular committee had two sub-committees which were; Subcommittee on tactical Air and Land Force and the Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces.
  2. Committee on Education and the Workforce. This committee had the subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education, and the subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training.
  3. Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. This committee had the subcommittee on Government Organization, Efficiency and Financial Management (Platts was the chairman), and the subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations.

Key moments and accomplishments

Platts did have a perfect legislative attendance record in 1996. In a harsh but reasonable mood he opposed the decision by the Spring Grove school of banning sports on Sunday on school property when on the other side members were of the decision that people should be in church. He called this a church violation.

He ran for the York county commissioner in the year 1998, but unfortunately for him he lost. He however amazingly defeated the same competitor in a primary for congress! In a strange twist, he voted against state lawmaker pay raise and refused to take the raise.

He was among the first people to call for York Major’s resignation after the mayor was charged with homicide in the riot murder case in 1969. This congressman openly opposed Gay marriage without apologies though; he did not support the oppression towards the gay community. Furthermore, he refused to sign the no-tax-hike pledge by Grover Norquist’s. He applied to be the U.S. comptroller general though unfortunately, he was not chosen by President Obama. The esquire magazine listed him as one of the best members of congress. As well as the Roll call listed him as one of the most obscure members of congress. This were very good compliments he earned as a congressman.

In 2013 when Platts announced his intension on running for the York County of common pleas, 77 percent of the members expressed their belief that Platts was not qualified to serve on that particular bench. The poll had been conducted by the York County Bar Association.


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