Sample: Request for Proposal (RFP)



Title: Request for Proposal (RFP)


Table of Contents

1.0 General Information


Proposal information

Proposal format


2.0 Enterprise Information

Description of Enterprise

Hardware and software environment

Departmental operations


3.0 Functional Specifications

Application to purchase under consideration

Functional requirements

Technical requirements

Processing environment requirements

Support and maintenance requirements

Installation requirements and approach

Training requirements, system costs, and financing arrangements


4.0 Vendor Profile

Information requested from Vendors

System Cost and Financing Arrangements

General Information

The author in this request for proposal (RFP) document ascertains that an automated patient admission project be introduced in Wildcat Hospital.

Copyright, Confidentiality

The information contained herein is confidential and there shall be no disclosure to other parties without the Wildcat hospital’s permission. In case of any disclosure to other parties beside the Wildcat hospital’s personnel, then the disclosure shall only take place with the sole purpose of responding to the requested project accomplishment.


Proposal Information

The management of Wildcat hospital is cognizant of the increasing number of admissions in its wards due to the better services offered. Nevertheless, this increase in patient admission number possesses a challenge on the staff especially when it comes to emergency services. Therefore, the purpose of this proposal is to establish the requirements of an enterprise solution for patient admission through a standardized format. It is thus upon the management of the hospital to determine the feasibility of this patient admission software in order to recommend its purchase and implementation.


Proposal Format

Kindly send all the responses to this proposal by August 23, 2011.

Enterprise Information

Wildcat is a non-profit hospital serving the needs of Weber State University. It is a 100-bed facility serving the array of students at Weber State University.

Hardware and Software Environment

Wildcat hospital is in the process of transforming from its current system to an EMR by 2012. Therefore, the patient admission product will promote the current electronic system for recognizing tracking the patients in their rooms as well as their prevailing statues. Upon the completion of the transformation process, the patients’ information will be recorded and tracked until they are discharged.

Functional Specifications

Application to purchase: Wildcat hospital is contemplating the acquisition of a patient admission and tracking software program.

Functional Requirements

The patient admission and tracking software is deemed flexible in the sense that it shall allow for a smooth transition from the present system to the EMR since it shall be capable of incorporating the older system into it. This transitional capacity is important since the software allows for usage without tremendous impact on the hospital’s operations.


Other technology requirements

This includes the capability to override numbers as well as its web-based technology, which allows for instantaneous records update.

Support and Maintenance

Wildcat hospital must establish a partnership with the selected dealer. This therefore calls for reference and customer satisfaction ratings prior to awarding contract.


Implementation Approach

It is a view of Wildcat hospital to have an implementation process carried out in phases. The vended software will be installed at our facility. However, we will carry out the solution’s testing prior to its implementation.


Training requirements, system costs and financing arrangements

For Wildcat hospital, on the job training is preferable compared to off the job training. The awarding of contracts will take place as early as Jan 1, 2006. Thereafter, the contract negotiations will be conducted with the RFP’s author.


Vendor Profile

The vendor should provide the following information:

  • Company overview
  • Product strategy and diversity
  • Financial performance, strength and viability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Training and implementation strategy
  • Consulting options


System Cost and Financing

Wildcat welcomes quotes for both options regarding lease and purchase.


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