Modern Language Association (MLA)

Are you facing difficulties using MLA to write your paper in humanities and liberal art? Look no further; you are at the right place. MLA is a unique academic referencing style when it comes to paper formatting. One has to be precise, careful and observant not to miss even a comma, to guarantee effective presentation.

Do you know that?

MLA referencing style is widely used by students and professional writers in preparing their writing tasks in humanity disciplines e.g.:-

  • Literary Criticism
  • Cultural Studies
  • English Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Foreign Language
  • Literature


What our Modern Language Association (MLA) OFFERS:

Doing primary research and writing a piece of academic paper with correct in-text citations:

Using parenthetical citations in your work; author page style will be emphasized in your humanity and liberal art paper,

Where there will be a need to cite sources such as corporate authors, unknown author, and literary works with many editions, Bible and Web sources will be cited correctly

Limited use of endnotes/footnotes to avoid distracting readers

Correctly collating the Works Cited Page: Precision in Books, Periodicals, Electronic sources, tables and figures

Proper formatting: Paper outline, title page, and Works Cited page