Sample Topic: Firewall Architectures




 Title: Firewall Architectures

The essay is about the new firewall features. It describes how the firewall works and executes its mandates. The essay further elaborates deeply in the structures and architecture of the wall and expounds on measures which should be instituted to make internet marketing a safe environment for conducting marketing.


To achieve significant results and integrity in organization computer systems, security should not be overlooked. Computer a security has become a major important aspect of concern in most organizations to guard against the information and the computing resources. Applying early security strategies in the organization helps to prevent the costly impact of the security breach which might be caused by viruses, hacking, espionage and other forms of computer crimes.

Structures and Architecture of  Firewall 

One aspect of instituting sound security framework in an organization is instituting firewall. Firewall is a collection set of programs that are found in a gateway server in a computer network that helps shields computer resources of a private computer network from outside users of other networks. for example, a business with an intranet allowing its employees have access to the internet may install a firewall to guard against outsiders from having access to its private resources and data and for controlling what users and resources in other intranets have access to.

Basically, the mechanism of a firewall works closely with a routing application. It asses an individual network packet to ascertain if it can transmit to its destination. The firewall may involve working in liaison with proxy servers that enquire network requests for the individual workstations. Firewall is installed on a separate computer that makes up part of the network. The computer to be installed is specifically tailored to enable that no incoming requests can directly be transmitted to the private network resources.


How Firewall Works

A firewall has the capability of filtering information that comes via the internet and extranets connections to your organization private network system. when an incoming packet is flagged by filters, then it is not given access to enter in the company's intranet. A firewall provides proxy services, this means information that comes from the internet is retrieved by firewall mechanism and then transmitted to the requesting resource and vice versa. This allows monitoring of the network efficiently. it also thoroughly inspects and compares some certain important parts of a packet to a trusted database information. Characteristics of information that makes its way through the firewall are monitored so that comparison basing on characteristics. If there is a potential match, the information is let in otherwise the information is discarded.


Firewall Architectures

For effective operation and offering better security to an organization, there exists several architectures which enable the firewall to exercise its work. The first architecture is a screening router. This architecture involves placing packets on a router. It’s a transparent architecture to all parties but this method has a weakness because routers have been designed only to offer routing traffic, its default failure involves passing traffic to a different interface altogether. Screening routers sometimes violate its working principle, it merely allows traffic to its desired destination and hence any potential destination in the network should be secured to ensure no threat is identified not single points only. Screening routers are an important aspect of firewall architect but are considered to be ineffective mechanism when they do it alone. The second firewall architecture is screened subnet. This involves screening the host gateway in detail. The screeing agent which is arouter remains the first entry point to the organizations network, and it screens the incoming traffic between the internet and other public hosts. the screening is made easy by having a multiple of gateway hosts which can ba e web server, ftp server or proxy server, from this, connections are established from and to the intranet net of a private business. The screened router has the responsibility of protecting gateway from the internet and in return,n the gateway has to protect the business intranet and other hosts. This architecture is easy to implement because each host can be configured to exercise the services it needed by the server and hence providing minimal potential hazards on every machine in the network. The machines on the subnet are made equally accessible

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