Sample Topic: Dell and E-business Analysis

Title: Dell and E-business Analysis

Dell is one of the most reputable companies in the world. It has embraced e-business technology and this has accounted to more than $50m daily through its worldwide websites.

E-business is a backbone of dells operations and it uses this technology extensively across its entire supply chain to deliver high-end services to its customers and suppliers.

Effects of e-business to dell has been enormous, the first effect of e-business to dell has resulted in significant savings. The savings have been extended to its customers too. This has been in form of reduced prices but the greater value of its products.

Secondly, Dell has embraced the "Dell Direct Model”; Dell’s direct business model is its backbone. Direct Model refers to dell relationship with its customers, from individual consumers to the world largest corporations. The advantage of Dell direct method is that it has three essential elements which are; one-to-one relationship with customers, products that are built to order for each of those customers and the lowest costs structure of many of its major competitors.

Third, the dell’s costs advantage is driven by lack of markups from reseller channel, its close relationship with suppliers, inventory management and operational efficiency. E-business has provided an essential inventory management, therefore, making it efficient and affordable in providing cost savings to its customers hence making Dell an attractive partner for suppliers and customers alike.

Fourth, integrating suppliers and customers orders to be in tandem with e-business has helped dell to reduce its inventory, therefore, increasing more profit margin. The use of e-business to manage its supply chain ensures suppliers have accurate, up-to-date information about the products that Dell has.

Also, Sharing of information with the supplier has been an important asset to dell. E-business has simplified sharing of information related to product quality and inventory. Besides, Supply chain ensures that dell provides real-time feedback on inventory management and improving the quality and timeliness of purchasing decisions fro dell suppliers.

Dell has over 60,000 pages dedicated to online technical support information with troubleshooting guides. This ensures that quality service is provided to its customers-business ensures that order management and customer care costs are reduced.

Additionally, e-business has provided dell with fewer errors and more returns have been achieved. This is because orders are certified in real time to remove untrue configuration and save order management.

Thus, e-business has simplified dell to embrace B2B solution and it is working with its potential customers to integrate the solution to link them to the dells premier site, Customers will link their ERP or E-procurement systems, this will make dell to reduce time and costs of creating orders.


Last, e-business has successfully enabled dell to create an e-market success by streamlining its e-business activities such as supply chain and ERP integration. Its customers can easily access their favourite products online.


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