Sample: Assessing and developing training needs

Topic: Assessing and developing training needs in Bank Central Asia

One of the ways in which training needs are assessed is through talent evaluation and development. One of the things that the human resource managers should consider when hiring the workforce is talent. This will give them an overview of the capacities of these people that they are hiring. Talents can be developed in an organization and this process according to Begin (1992), involves "transforming the organization its employees and other groups of people involved in its operations” (400) .One of the ways in which this can be done is facilitating a learning workshop with the aim of training the employees on how to work towards the establishment of competitive advantage in the organization. Once the individual talents have been developed, the organization can be assured of employees that have the interests of the organization at heart hence effective delivery of services.

Another important need when training employees is the establishment of career development plans. In career development, the employees are able to define their areas of expertise and ensure that they handle tasks related to that which they have specialized in. As a result of this, the organization will be able to achieve its goals more effectively as there will be minimal or no conflict of work interest. Specialization also ensures that the employees are able to handle their responsibilities with expertise leading to a quicker fulfilment of the organization’s objectives and goals. Finally, assessing the training needs of the employees in an organization requires the company to carry out the process of appraising the performance of the individual employees. Group evaluation is necessary, though it has many setbacks such as the shortcomings of some people being covered up by the achievements of others in the same group. This explains why at some point the employees’ performances have to be analyzed at an individual level as this will ensure that training facilities are developed in favour of at least a majority of the needs of the employees.


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