Getting the Best Website Made for Your Small Business

Getting the Best Website Made for Your Small Business

Here are some industry stats to justify a website’s prominence for your business:
93% of business buying decisions start with a search engine search. You are left with only 7% of market potential when you do not have a website. If we believe the experts, roughly 41-55% of the small businesses do not own a website. And a survey admitted about 41% of new customer leads are generated by websites.
Now, more often than not, small businesses are unaware of the power of web. Largely they feel being too tiny to have an online store or having a website is a lot more hard work and is it really worth it?
If we go by random surveys prompted by experts, a good 74% of the small business owners believe they are not adept enough in terms of skills and time to have a website well made and done.
To get a website designed, a designer that specializes in small business is needed and to find the special one, this is what you need to do;

Sit and think:-   

Posting queries on search engines is the first thing business owners do when they think of getting a website. While this may seem as a logical first step, it is certainly not.
It is better to ponder on the questions and be prepared when the designer asks what you require than simply nod at whatever is suggested. If you are thinking of a website, don’t let business size limit you; think big because that is what web is all about.

Now, start searching :-

If you have spared the time to think about what you need, then, you are prepared to run searches. You will find an army of web designers willing to handle your design work. Now, your job is to find the best from them.
Mainly, you will stumble upon two types;
Designing firms
Designing firms are professional companies that maintain workforce to handle assignments while freelancers work alone and usually sell a particular skill. Businesses prefer to partner with established designing companies because of their professional approach, variety of talent, technical support and commitment in meeting deadlines.
After going through websites, reading content and going through articles, your idea about a good website will become more polished.
Points that might come handy:-
 Deciding about a design service provider is the most demanding task and it will be good to accept the fact that it is going to take time. Following points certainly come handy while critically examining your potential designing partners;
Portfolio - It highlights projects that have been handled in the past. It will inform you whether the designer has handled design work related to small business or not.

Testimonials - These are the good things clients say when they are happy with the service. Look for them and don’t forget to confirm their authenticity.

Visual appeal - A professional gives great importance to the presentation element. If it is absent on designer’s website, perhaps, you should stay away.

Packages- Study packages to know whether the contender fits your budget or not.
Get in touch and start talking:-
Once you are done with the above section, you will have handful of design experts to consider. Now, it is time to get in touch to see whether you have been right in your observations or not. Send a common email discussing your project and highlighting your preferences. Here too, you need to carefully study how they respond, interact and voice their opinion.
Don’t forget that you will be working with one of them and he has to be communicative and knowledgeable.
Raise some technical queries and see how they respond.
Take care of the technical details:-
Following above points will bring the best in front of you. Once you have made a choice, focus on other critical details like written agreement, payment procedure, timeline, ownership transfer, deliverables and other important aspects.
Following all the steps from beginning to end may consume some days but at the end of it all, you will certainly be happy with your choice of a 
small business web design company .



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