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Violation of children’s rights through child abuse can end up leaving a child with lifetime terror. When they encounter a physical or emotional torture at an early age, it will have long-lasting effects, this can be sexual acts or as a result of abusing a substance like alcohol. Those with single patents or in the care of different family members are the ones who most likely know what it means to be abused as a child if their guardian parents were not that loving to them. You will find great and well-crafted explanations from the introduction, to the body and to the conclusion of your essay. You will clearly know how:

  • One can deal with peer pressure effectively to avoid drug abuse, it is possible for one to free oneself from intense pressure from peers.
  • To handle life pressure in the event that one feels overworked and overwhelmed. Drugs can only elevate stress levels and cannot offer a good break for you, consider exercising instead, reading good books or volunteering to do charity work.
  • You can find help from alcohol addiction, it’s worth noting that addiction is no difference to mental illness.
  • People can live a well-balanced life since all this begins when things in one’s life are not moving as expected, a balanced life can be achieved without having to compromise with any drug prescription by the way.

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